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Wolves in Sheep Clothing

When the Lebanese cried wolf in the 70’s no one came to help, they learned how to adapt.

As the Syrians entered Lebanon in 1975 along with a coalition of Arab countries; they did it under the pretense of protecting it from the outburst of violence caused by the Palestinian liberation organization (PLO). But soon what started as “protection” became a 25-year invasion of Lebanon. The 25 years of Syrian tyranny were marred by bombings, killings, wars, assassinations, human rights violations, rape, economic deploring, thefts and widespread torture. The war had cost Lebanon more 250,000 in fatalities, and the occupation ended in February 2005 after an unprecedented uprising as a result of the assassination of the Prime Minister Rafik Harriri.

The Syrian atrocities didn’t stop with their departure in 2005 but continued through different forms and ways. To date they still control from afar the political arena in Lebanon, along with systemic assassinations and onslaughts. But the short-lived rest was followed by the repercussions of Arab Spring and its percussive causalities. The systemic burst of the likes of ISIS, al Nusra and others and the regions have systematically and intentionally caused in the displacement of 6 million Syrian refugees in the region. 

Since 2011 Lebanon has been at the forefront of this historic displacement of human beings. With more than 2 million and growing in number, Lebanon had done more then it’s fair share in hosting the refugees. The Syrian refugees have since then outstayed their welcome, abused the infrastructure, depleted the environment, polluted the water beds, and abused every single resource, they steal the electricity, agricultural produce, work for pennies on the dollar, and feel entitled. The United Nations another NGO’s to date allocate funds, stipends, generous food supplies and housing to the refugee. Yet they abuse the resources sell the food back to the black market, select to co-live together, to hide the monies. 

Here Lebanon cried Wolf again no one believed, no one listened, and it adapted. When the remainder 4 million migrated to Turkey, Jordan and finally to Europe the past 2 years, the western world crumbled under the pressures of this imaginable influx. At first European nations rushed to host the millions of refugees, European countries pressuring each other to raise the quotas. But the refugees started to wreak havoc in the host countries, with several terrorist attacks, in France, Germany, and all the Europe. ISIS also inspired several other attacks in the US, and other countries, resulting an indirect effect on the Brexit pols. 

To my European, American, and Canadian friends, listen to Lebanon’s calls when it cries wolf. Don’t overextend the refugees stay, they will not appreciate your hospitable spirits, your generosity, your humanitarian relief. Soon they will settle down, you think they will re-integrate in society, the honest fact is that they will most like not do so. Soon they will start multiplying by numbers, abusing your social welfare system, commit crime, terrorize you, simply because they feel entitled or called up to do so. Don’t ever believe they are the lost sheep of the Syrian crisis, they are but the ferocious wolves of the Syrian regime. They don’t care who you are or what you do, a sizable number of them are the terrorist who you don’t know what they are capable of. 

You see my fellow friends in the policy making isle, use your wisdom and power to get the refugees back to Syria. This is their country, their culture, their environment. Don’t ever believe that it can’t be done, instead use your efforts, and resource to stabilize the region. Your efforts will be strategically more effective if you do so. These refugees are the same people who depleted Lebanon of its resource in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and again 2010’s. They are the same people who are trying to overtake Lebanon and Jordan under the pretense of a refugee crisis. They are trying to leach their way in, to re-affirm their grip, to re-instate that they are back with a different force. You see my dear friends Lebanon managed to defeat the Syrian military brigades before; will manage to defeat this new form of “Refugee Invasion”. Lebanon will Lead the movement in relocating the refugees back to Syria, where they belong, but this time you better support and believe Lebanon when we it cries Wolf.

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