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What’s in an Idea?

It’s an inspiration that transpires when we see a need for action. An Idea starts from the need of fulfilling an unsolved problem or an unresolved paradox. It comes to us after listening to elevating music, playing sports, meditating, contemplating. It comes to us when we are in Love or when burdened by a call to action. It is most valued when it comes to fruition, as it moves from the space between our ears to an action that interprets our intentions. An idea cannot remain stagnant or unfulfilled, it is meant to be acted upon, it is not just a thought, it is action to be taken.  An idea creates the doors, venues and milieu for favorable innovative processes. It cannot just happen just once it’s habitual, repetitive, different and ever evolving. It needs to get out there and amalgamate transformation. 

Dr. EDgar noumair


Dr. Edgar Noumair

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