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On Self Righteousness:

The “business ethics” of the worldly leaders seem to be overshadowing their strategic decisions these days. The sudden vying for the spotlight by business leaders like Apple’s Tim Cook who stated that Trump’s immigration order is not a policy they support. Or Starbucks’ statement on the hiring of 10,000 refugees in response to Trump’s ban on immigrants. Or the flux of statements from universities around the country voicing concern over the executive orders on immigration, like the one at Georgetown University. These “feel good” “politically correct” sentiments don’t make sense whatsoever here’s why:

Not Politics but Leadership

Let me say that I am not a big fan of the non-eloquence of Trumps’ leadership style. But perhaps that is the point as Trump’s “shock and provoke” style according to Carlos Slim has proven effective. Agree or don’t agree you must give it to Trump’s follow-through and ruthless art of showmanship. But then how could Apple, Starbuck, Georgetown and countless others condemn Trump’s executive orders; when they themselves are bigger offenders of the “worldly ethics” they convey!

The case of companies gone rogue

  1. On Diversity and Inclusion: How presumptuous of Tim Cook and his likes in the technology to come out and lecture us on their humanly concerns. Did the tech titans forget the big gap in employing minorities? Look at this latest statistics, 70% are men, 60% are White, 30% are Asian. So, before you sway us with your chivalrous acts surrounding the immigrants, start repairing your in-house dynamics. Change starts from within! 
  2. On Veterans and the Homeless: Howard Schultz’s graced us with his statement on his willingness in employing refugees. The company erroneously stated that they have programs in place to employ veterans. But still more then 50,000 homeless veterans “a hoping 9% of all homeless” are without work. Again, change starts at home!
  3. Don’t Let them fool you: One of the most important “raison d’être” of top Higher Education institutions is the international clientele they cater to. As the economy slows down American students can’t attend Universities. So, in turn top educational institutions like take solace in an abundant pool of international students. Hence any executive policy affecting immigrants will affect the bottom line of top schools. It’s becoming increasingly competitive for our American students to gain acceptance due to factors like increased competitiveness, and finances.
  4. Sweatshops: Here’s an interesting article depicting sweatshops at the disposition of the spending power of worldly consumers. Before techies worry about ameliorating the well-being of the refugees or the “alternative labor” influx of immigrants, why don’t they bother to alleviate the working conditions of the hundreds of thousands affected by these sweatshops.
  5. Tax Shelters: Have the techies also forgotten about their tax shelters oversees to avoid paying US taxes. Think about all the moneys that can jolt the economy. In lieu work your lobbying to address modernizing and overhauling IRS stringent regulations. Don’t evade to US in “favorable working” conditions overseas.

My final takeaway: Don’t stone other’s houses if your own is made of glass.

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