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Dr. Edgar Noumair

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Edgar Noumair

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When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.

Thought Leadership

Edgar is a Thought Leader and an Innovator in Management and Technology.

Scientist | Entrepreneur | Author | Athlete | Artist

Edgar is a Managing Partner of Gnoci, a Global Management by Design Firm that designs Human Centric Transformational initiatives for Small to Medium Enterprises. He also is Board Director at Anath Foundation, a Think Tank nonprofit that globally promotes Sustainable R& D in Education and Governance. 

Edgar is also a Fulbright Scholar and a Professor of Practice at Georgetown University and several other Leading American and European Universities Facilitating, Researching, and Writing on Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development, Data Analytics, Information Technology, and Ethics. Edgar is the Founder of WizBlizz and Metroculture, both Tech accelerators at the intersection of Social Entrepreneurship, Data Sciences, and Artificial Intelligence.  

Edgar consulted for several Big4, Tech Firms, Higher Education Institutions, Biopharmaceutical, FMCG, Financial, Health Care, Environmental and Nonprofit Organizations. He led multimillion-dollar projects where he developed strategies to enhance the competitive setting of the organizations. Edgar traveled and worked in over 60 countries from North America, South America to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and East Asia. 

Edgar holds a Doctorate in Organizational Development/Learning from UPENN-Wharton-GSE and several post-graduate degrees in Management, Computer Science, Health Care Management, and Higher Education Management from leading Universities.  His research focuses on Organizational Design, Learning, Data Sciences, Higher Education, Complexity Theory, Change Management, Sustainability, and Ecotheology. Recently he’s been writing in the Digital Humanities,  Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capitalism. Edgar is Fluent in English, French, Arabic, Proficient in Spanish, Knowledgeable in Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Latin, Syriac, and others. 

Edgar competes in Squash, Shotokan Karate, Skiing, and Triathlons. He plays the Piano, and the Violin enjoys world travel, and is an avid environmentalist.

Managing Partner


Gnoci is a Management by Design firm that helps sustain organizations by being strategic and adaptive in face of disruptive environments. We apply agile practices in management and technology by adopting a humancentric approach to solving problems.

Gnoci Website

Chief Technology Officer


MetroCulture leads evolutionary & sustainable innovation initiatives worldwide. We collaborate with organizations and individuals to create an impact in their business and communities.

Metroculture Website

Chief Data Scientist


WizBlizz is a Technology firm that innovates in EmTech. We use Data Sciences and transformative Ethical AI to solve pressing business and societal needs.

Wizblizz Website

Chief Learning Officer

Anath Foundation

Anath Foundation is a Think Tank that develops sustainable, innovative programs and practices to the betterment of the human condition. Anath Foundation leads globally driven initiatives and projects in Education, Healthcare, Environment, and Governance, with a focus on impact and transformational change.

Anath Foundation Website

Professor of Practice

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is the oldest and largest Catholic and Jesuit university in America. Georgetown today is a major student-centered, international research university, offering programs in Washington, DC; Doha, Qatar; and around the world.

Fulbright Scholar

Fullbright Association

One of the most prestigious US funded grants for top academics.

Dr. Edgar Noumair

Scientist | Entrepreneur | Author | Athlete | Artist